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Mohammed 1

Ta’leem Story

A New Horizon

My story…, at a young age my son was a smart, happy and active boy, when it came to school however, he was rather reclusive and sad. Every day I personally struggled sharing in the turmoil of seeing him frustrated and discouraged, of myself feeling helpless and alone in this challenge. Why can’t he understand this? Why my child can’t read properly? What do I do? I was searching, trying to find someone, somewhere, just something… to grasp onto that was able to help my little child.

I was lost yet determined not to give. I took it upon myself to find a solution….an answer. I researched, read books and gathered information and slowly the answer lay before me. Both my son and I went to the USA, where we both learned how to overcome what turned out to be Dyslexia. I am now happy to see that confidence in his eyes, extremely proud as his mother to see him leave to University, to see him grow and become the young outgoing man that he is today.

The next step for me was a clear and obvious choice… others find their path, teach parents and families how to support and help their loved ones, and here lay the beginning of my new and exciting journey. The Ta’leem Center is that journey.

Ta’leem “Unlocking Potentials, Building Futures” Shereen Al Nowais Ta’leem Founder & CEO