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Study Skills

  • Is your child struggling in the classroom?
  • Do they need some one on one support and homework help to catch up and bring them up to speed?
  • Is your child turning homework into a battle ground?
  • Do they need help to manage their workload?
  • Would learning some study skills such as planning, efficient note taking and how to revise help your older ones?

Study Skills and Homework Club could be the place to start for catch up and homework help. Ninety minute sessions run by qualified teachers who have specialised in working with children with specific learning difficulties aim to support your child to achieve his or her potential in the classroom.

Homework Club and Study Skills Program is an after school program for young people aged 6 to 16, to support them with literacy and numeracy issues and to make doing their homework less stressful for the kids and their parents. Each session will include teaching input on either an area of literacy or numeracy delivered in an innovative and engaging manner so that the students are motivated to learn. Time will be allocated for completing school homework with plenty of hands on support from teachers and assistants – ratio 1 to 3. Time will also be set aside for individual working on either a computer based maths or reading program and one on one reading and/or paired reading. Each program will be personalized to the child with an informal assessed entry level and a brief progress report is provided at the end of each term