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Language Skills and Quran

ABU DHABI // Parents who are looking for a way to improve their children’s language skills can enroll in a new summer camp.

The Ta’leem Training & Skills Development Centre summer camp was founded this year by Emirati Ms. Shereen Al Nowais, who had struggled to find a good education for her dyslexic child.

The centre supports pupils with learning difficulties, but the summer camp is for children from the ages of four to 14 of varying abilities and nationalities. Activities will include lessons in Arabic, English, as well as Quran memorisation, maths and social skills.

The camp will focus on improving pronunciation and writing in English and Arabic, helping children to become independent learners, said Ms Shereen Al Nowais.

“Pupils will be placed into small groups based on their age and level of proficiency in each language and in maths. They are taught targeted maths solving techniques, speaking, reading, writing and listening skills,” she said.

“Our teachers use a range of resources including workbooks, textbooks, visual aids, audio and online interactive programmes. The programme was devised and taught by teachers with internationally recognised qualifications,” said Ms Shereen Al Nowais.

There will also be a lot of emphasis on teaching children how to recite the Quran. “This will let them learn to be obedient and to show respect to the holiness of the Quran and the creator,” she said.

The minimum age to learn how to memorise the Quran is 6 years old.

“The overall objective of the Ta’leem Centre Summer Camp programme is to support students in their transition in the main school curriculum. The programme has been designed using most up-to-date learning approaches,” said Ms Shereen Al Nowais said.

“I am happy with the progress of the summer camp programme because, as a result you get to see how eager the kids are in coming to the centre and anticipating what activity awaits them. And getting positive feedback from these kids’ parents is more than enough reason for me to continue what I have started.”

The camp takes place every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at the centre’s headquarters in the capital and will run until August 21.

Enrolment costs Dh600 per child.

For information visit