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Cognitive Assessment

Before the assessment

Please complete the pre-assessment questionnaire, and return this, along with the child’s latest school report, to the Center at least 1 week before the assessment date. This provides valuable information that will help in your child’s assessment.


The assessment takes approximately 2 hours. You can wait in the Center, but you are not allowed to accompany your child during the actual assessment.

After the assessment

You will be given an initial feedback immediately after the assessment. Thereafter, you will be provided with an extensive written report. This will include details of the scores, an interpretation of these scores and how they relate to each other, and detailed recommendations for strategies that are tailored to your child’s particular profile of scores. The report will be provided in a pdf file will within 3 – 5 days of the assessment date.

Click here to download the Pre- assessment questionnaire

Click here to download Assessment Procedures