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Providing support and solutions to improve academic performance, increase self – confidence and develop success in school and in life.

Does your child struggle with reading, writing or doing math? Has your child been diagnosed with a behavior or a learning disorder? Does your child have trouble paying attention in class?

Our mission is to enrich and nurture the full potentials of bright and capable students who learn differently, to serve as an intervention center for students and with their families through assessment, educational advocacy and support services.

While every child has trouble with classwork and homework from time to time, if a certain area of learning is consistently problematic, it might indicate your child would benefit from being assessed for learning  or behavior issues that he or she maybe experiencing. Many children who have an undiagnosed learning disability often begin acting out in the classroom or shutting down.

If your child continues to dread reading out loud, writing an essay, or tackling math problems, a Psych – Educational Evaluation could make the difference between school success and failure.

We provide the following assessments:
  • Full Assessment
  • Functional Behavioral Assessment
  • Behavioral Pre Assessment
  • School Evaluation
  • Educational Consultancy
  • Academic Assessment
  • Pre and Post Assessment
  • Speech Therapy Assessment
  • Gifted & Talented Assessment